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Experienced In Home Care, founded in 1999, is known as the best in San Marcos, CA and North County San Diego when it comes to providing quality Dementia care services. You don’t have to look far to find a home care provider that will provide affordable and reliable care for a loved one or relative afflicted with Dementia, Experienced In Home Care can help you.

More than a decade of experience in Dementia care speaks for our commitment and dependability. We never stop improving to help our patients to the highest standards. Our reputation speaks for itself, and every family we’ve served in the past years can tell you that our dementia home care provider is dependable and the best in San Marcos, CA.

Dementia Care in San Marcos, CA Also Includes:

  • Grooming & Bathing
  • Incontinence Care
  • Dental / Oral Care
  • Medication Administration
  • Transportation and Errand Services
  • Light Housekeeping and Gardening
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Exercise Assistance
  • Memory Care Activities
  • LVN Level Home Care
  • Registered Nurses
  • & Many More…

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    Does Your Elderly Family Member Need Dementia Care?

    In our daily life, we hear and read about Dementia among seniors, but we fail to comprehend the effects of this psychological affliction until someone we love begins showing warning signs. Dementia becomes a problem of the whole family when the aging loved one begins to show strange behavior toward the rest of the family. The afflicted individual starts forgetting every little detail and is disoriented most of the time.

    Dementia Related Medical Services

    • Ostomy Care
    • Injections and Intravenous Therapies
    • Medication Reminders
    • Vitals: Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse, Etc.
    • Wound Care and Changing Wound Dressings

    Dementia Home Care Provider With a Personal Touch

    24/7 Dementia Home Care Provider

    There’s no limit to the outstanding service Experienced In Home Care provides for our Dementia patients, because Experienced In Home Care is open 24/7. Our personnel are there round-the-clock to assist families with Dementia-afflicted relatives in San Marcos, CA. Simply give us a call in case you need help.

    Qualified dementia home care provider can come to your doorstep to help with any crisis. Our response is quick and you can count on experienced and skilled care providers to provide the help you need. We make sure the elderly patient gets the help he or she needs in the event of an emergency so that you can relax knowing that your family member is with a qualified provider.

    Affordability and Quality You Can Trust

    Our prices are low and reasonable, and we always keep our clients and their families in mind when we develop Dementia care packages and fee structures. Our clients in San Marcos, CA get special treatment that only Experienced In Home Care can provide, at a rate they can afford. We help our clients with payment arrangements and look for alternative ways to pay for our services, such as federal help packages and California State home care support services.

    In spite of our reasonable prices, we never compromise when it comes to the help we offer. A strict hiring process is in place to carefully screen the caregivers we employ to tend to our customers.

    Specialized Care for Dementia Patients

    The degree of devotion we offer in San Marcos, CA is on par with the kind of care a relative would give to a beloved family member. Experienced In Home Care is a company that is based on family values, which is why we know what devoted service means and the difference it makes to the life of somebody with Dementia.

    It is our privilege to have served San Marcos, CA residents since we started our operations in 1999. We know that proper Dementia care will help relieve the stress that everyone feels when one relative is stricken with Dementia. This is why our committed in-home care providers are there to help provide your ailing loved one the caring he or she deserves.

    Dependable Dementia Home Care Provider

    Who will care for your loved ones? Our Dementia care providers are proficient in various areas of elderly care. In particular, they are trained in making sure the home environment of an Dementia patient is safe. Dementia care service providers from Experienced In Home Care do all they can to make sure the patient can keep moving around without any problems and accidents are avoided. They are also in tune with the emotional health of the patients, who may be under great stress because of their condition. Providing dependable and considerate care is our goal.

    We have a team of qualified registered nurses, along with aides and licensed vocational nurses to provide in home nursing care and to assist with ongoing medical treatment for Dementia sufferers with other medical problems. We make sure the medications are given on time, and the home care arrangement is suitable for convalescence and therapy.

    Serving San Marcos, CA Since 1999

    Well Trained & Professionally Qualified

    We can provide personalized service because of the level of professional training we provide to all of our employees. A qualified RN oversees all activities of health aides, nursing assistants, and licensed vocational nurses and we don’t charge our clients for this extra benefit. All Experienced In Home Care employees are covered by insurance, bonded, and proficient in providing first aid and CPR. We use a comprehensive hiring process that involves professional screening and criminal background check to make sure that each employee is eligible to look after your loved one.

    Choosing Dementia Home Care Provider in San Marcos, CA

    Experience makes a big difference, particularly in dementia home care provider. Our company is proud of over thirteen years of experience in tending to individuals suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s. We focus in services that could make a significant difference in the lives of Dementia sufferers in San Diego and North County region. All of our health care providers are keenly aware of the personal needs of your family member and the amount of attention necessary to care for somebody with severe physical restrictions because of a progressing mental disorder.

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